Q1. Do I need to pay full subscription charges again after my 90 days validity is over?

Ans : No, after the subscription of first 90 days, a subscriber can renew the subscription on a monthly basis at just Rs.450 plus GST.

Q2. How many courses I can access after buying a subscription?

Ans : If you have minutes available you can access all the courses and eBooks available on our portal in a single subscription during the validity of 90 days.

Q3. Is there a time limit for everyday?

Ans : No there is no daily time limit to access the content however, there is 3 months limit of 270 hour i.e. 16200 minutes.

Q4. Can I access any course I want on Tejas Readers’ website?

Ans : One can access any course that is available on Tejas Readers’ website.

Q5. I am not able to access the course?

Ans : Please check the validity of your subscription and the remaining minutes in your account. If the validity of your account or remaining minutes are over you will not be able to access the courses.

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